As a proud naturalized citizen, after your election, I was hoping a businessman in the white house, would be bringing the pragmatism and flexibility of business world on some of the issues that is chronically hurting the American civilization.

The America that I wish for has a moral authority more than it’s military might.  A caring, gentle, kind, pluralistic, generous and fair America is able not only to fix it’s own internal problems, but also is help to stability of the world.

It was in the news that Jared Kushner is preparing to start a round of peace negotiation. What did you gain by giving up one of your negotiation chips? Most important as Israel has been wishing for U.S. recognition of Jerusalem’s capital of Israel for 20 years.

If there is anybody in your advising circle did not warn you about the possible consequences of your decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the aftermath disturbance that still continues, they should be fired, as you like to put it.

The list of the people that should be immediately fired should also be expanded to John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and all other who have been paid by Iranian terrorist opposition (MEK), that is totally dependent on Saudi’s budget. The people whom they have associated with, are not rational, balanced and their point of views, comes from a group that would be considered traitors under any country including US laws. The results of such imbalance shows itself in statements they have made.

Iran phobia propaganda keeps talking about Iran’s involvement in the Middle East.

Iran’s regional influence is due to it’s common roots in history;

Weather US, Israel, or Suadi’s like it or not, Iran has a cultural influence on all it’s past Persian Empire, which are in 18 countries now.

Nothing special, same feeling of closeness is true with all Western colonial powers with their former territories.

Past common history can not be changed!


The same old Empire was (almost) reinstated by Safavid dynasty (1502-1722) which made Shiaa of 12 Imam country’s official religion.

Houthis of Yemen, although from a different sect of Shiaa, but still feel closer to Iran, rather than their Saudi neighbors.

I wonder if you & I were a Yemeni’s citizen living under blockade & embargo plus constant arial civilian bombardment by a US alley, we would have any different feeling of what they have. Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world, has no air defence system & the Iranian media is the only media covering their humanitarian outcries.

Hooties in Yemen have fought and won over two Saudi’s installed government & both have fled to Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s and their allies blockade of Yemenis harbors, causing widespread famine and spread of Cholera and other diseases. Saudis have lost their war in Yemen’s public opinion and unless they change their policies, this results will not be changing.

Mr President, you always talk about the fake news in the USA. I agree with you, although it is from a totally different prospective. American media is not truthfully or responsibly reflecting the news in the Middle East. It’s all one sided and to benefit their sponsors.  People of the Middle East are blaming the US for creating Isis, as it started by US allies. Qatar corrected it’s past mistakes by re-aligning itself with realities on the ground, something that US and it’s regional allies should consider. Insisting on policies that have not worked does not bring any desired results no matter how many in Billions of arm’s deals change hands in this area.

“If you want peace, work for justice” is a great motto to follow. Why not cut the Israeli aid packages for the benefit of American people? Let this nation to stand on their feet, not on the military might of an alley.

Palestinians have only seen the American tanks, airplanes, missiles and the money to run them. Let them see some American construction equipment, humanitarian aids and training with American consumer products to mend some of those damages.

I wish you would have listened to some Jewish intellectuals, academicians and activists who love Israel and think Israel must preserve a moral authority to exist if it wants to claim it is a Jewish state.  To be authentic in their love requires you to be strict on principles, not to have more guns or use them more often. To be practicing a tough love with this renegade militant state is the key. A two state solution takes a wisdom to be above and beyond one sidedness. This has drawn the US into being part of the problem, not part of any solution.

Best Regards,

Baha Abhari