Regional Culture hang up!

Growing up in a Shiaa society in Iran, noticed a discrimination against dogs, as compared to other animals. Heard they are dirtier than other animals.(NAJES in Islamic term). Common belief in society was that their dribble in a dish takes seven times of repeat sand rub & wash.

Not dared to ask to have a dog as a pet…Absolutely out of question.

 …., So, caring for a German Shepard dog, name GORGI (wolf) , with a confidant and close friend outside of the home was a secret.
Only Christians, Jews, non-believers or non practicing people had dog pets in my neighborhood, not us, the true believers!.
Later in life, Adult hood in America, learned same kind of beliefs is shared in Sunni world too. All Moslems have this stigma about dogs. They use it for herding sheeps, or security, but stigma is still there.
I saw a newspaper article, a Saudi prince, a practicing Moslem kept dogs to break the traditional hang up against them. A prince making a wake up call to me in that interview, while I  never belived in any kingdom, specially Saudi’s.

Later I asked a Sunni clergy man weather shortage of green land and hence shortage of livestock & competition over whatever little and limited resources of early Moslems, could have created a friction and feeding competition in harsh Arabia’s desert environment.

Naturally he did not answer that question.

There is nothing in Quran that makes any animal dirty or Najes in Islamic term.

Even pigs are not NAJES. Forbidden to eat their meat, just like the old testiment. 

There is only one Ayah in Quran remotely related. It is about hunting dogs and their hunt being Halal if they are alive and the hunter has the time for proper slaughter. Dog trainers have a somewhat positive notation about them because in it there is acknowledgements that God has given them a special talent and prevaillage to teach the dogs on how to hunt animals. 

or here: ??????&lang=far&sura=5&ayat=4&user=far

If you are a fan of Cesar Milan, “Dog whisperer” show, you will notice that he understands dogs and communicates to teach them, you’d agree that is a talent only some have.

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On the light side of the issue!

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“Office politics”



How about eating dogs?

In Korean traditional culture this special bread of yellow dogs are the best for eating and raised for this purpose.

After 1988 Seoul olympics, there is a campaign in Korea to stop eating dogs & pets. Pictures were taken from their website:

It is illegal, but still exists.

“Cats too”,

translation of above sign.


Now a question for thinking outside the box:

If you were totally pluralist, accepting anybody who called on you, would you limit the eatables to a specific culture or you just generalize it to say “clean” and leave the interpretations of different culture to the people?


Some of the Chinese delicacies, live bats.



Moslem sects that I know don’t eat dogs or other meat eating animals.

Their staple is limited to warm blooded grass eating animals or seed eating birds.

No such limitations in the book.

Prohibitions maybe regional, cultural or out of respect for previous religions that limited what is eatable as Moslems are required to follow and honor previous revelations.

…but how did Arabsfound justifications & loopholes to eat grasshoppers, lizards and other local desert animals that are not warm blooded?

Quran does not ban eating any animal other than pigs which is still prohibited in old testaments today.

No requirement other than generalization of being “clean”.

Clean has a different interpretation in every culture.