All hats off for Stephen Hawking; Scientist, Great thinker and Author, ….I acknowledge some of his works … i.e.; “universe follows scientific laws…..independent of God’s interference”, but…..


Proving it’s non-existence is even more difficult after seeing the law & order, … and in this video he goofs about an integrated part of believing in God too, after life.

Why the law and order should stop by our death because we can not verify the future world with our limited knowledge?


He had two lives as fetus and sperm, that like all other human beings he has no memory of. Same DNA. We know it was him because of new science and after learning about DNA. We can not deny it now because of new science.
Boasting human knowledge of a time is proven to be wrong. Pride is always misleading.


Saying “After life stories are fairy tale stories for the people who are scared of dying“, might be based on relying on what he knows as the laws only.

Why trust that?
All human beings were sperm at one point, with goal of getting to an egg. why can’t we remember any of it? … Why are we still trusting our memory & knowledge?
It was us. with all the genetics & DNA.

It was a world of it’s own. We all are champions of a sperm race with hundred of millions other sperm participants similar to us.

Later we were fetus in our mother’s womb, in a stage where we were happy with our mom happiness and sad with her sadness…. We were the same people with our uniqueness and interests. Preferred some food more than others. We can all notice fetus excitements in pregnant women.

We do not remember any of those stages,..but we know we existed, same DNA, same person with all our uniqueness.

Now going where without a purpose? without a master plan? without us determining our future?
Why the chain that brought us up to here has to be a broken chain becaue we can’t see the other end of it?
 just because we can not forsee or comprehend it? Is denying existence of the unknown future wise?

Believing in life after death might make you more aware but why scared?

Actually it should give the beliver more peace of mind if coupled with doing good deeds and avoiding mischieves.




Believing afterlife is good for all, specially rich, famous, powerful who may have everything in this life.