If men and women

  • feel good or feel complete together, or
  • the best place to raise a child is a family with both male and a female role models, we may conclude:

The smallest unit of the society should be a family, not any one of the genders.

Like Molecule that if broken into pieces, (atoms, electrons, …) it no longer is a Molecule, it loses its character, purpose and effects, pieces of a family, also can not function as a complete unit, and if equality within them, can not operate as they are meant to operate; based on their differences, and therefore it should be said that they are made to complete & compliment, not compete with each other. Even discussing of equality brings measurements and competition.

Is any of our organs any equal to any other organ within us? Do they need to be equal to work together? Could they work together if they were equal? Could they make up a working unit (body)?

If men and women are so different, (as in many good books & papers, most famous being “Men from Mars, Women from Venus”- by John Gray, here in a free domain), are meant to be different.

“Equality” of genders in all areas of life, specially within a family is nothing but a fallacy, left over from the anger and (rightful) revolt of women in 1950’s and 60’s when equality in pay for equal work, equality in voting & electability, and even right to education was an issue.

While these issues are all understandable and considered as achievements of human developments, but there is always an over-reaction in any revolt. Family being smallest cell in the society is a sacred and its boundaries should not be violated by anybody even the police or to enforce the law. The role of the judge should always be before entrance of the police into family boundary.

Interesting is that wherever the law enforcement has violated family spaces, it has made the matters worse, not any better. Most of their involvement ends in separation of families which defeats the purpose. Click here if like to know further why I called it “worse”.



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