Congratulation on your today’s (Nov.7,2020) win!
Win for me too. I voted for you because of who you are in below video and I have been following you from the time you acknowledged plagiarism & had the courage to apologize for it. Future VP, Kamala Harris who spoke of truth in victory speech tonight was also an encouragement to vote for you. 

English message to Muslims with Persian Translation

Great to hear your interest on theology.

If you have not seen the video of the US courageous Veterans against the war, please watch it here & then we talk of parallels.

&As an Iranian born American constituent who likes to contribute, I call for a new review of all major issues in US foreign policy in the Middle East besides the much needed changes in the domestic policy. “IF YOU WANT PEACE, WORK FOR JUSTICE” is part of the same theology that we both believe. Here what comes to my mind in this moment.

  • Excessive US arm sales to Saudi & UAE with the help of blood lobby, has emboldened them to attack their neighbor & create a humanitarian crises in Yemen. Yemen civilization is old & have been an alley to Iran since at least 26 centuries ago and as a sovereign have all the rights not to accept the Saudi installed president who has fled there in this war.
  • US unconditional support for Israel’s hard liners, from illegal annexation of two major parcel of occupied lands in Golan heights & Ghazza strip to moving the US embassy to Jerusalem has not been helpful in cause of peace, to say the least.
  • American tax payers have been told that their army forces are in the Middle East fighting terrorists, but if you are not satisfied with above video & need to see the videos of Americans & Israelis transporting Isis terrorists’ whenever cornered by Syrian troops, please look around the web or ask me to help you. I also have the video of Isis marching into Ramadi (Iraq), as American helicopters were accompanying them without harming them.
  • American tax payers have paid for a dam in Afghanestan, a second dam on Hirmand river which was taking the water from Afghan heights to Iran’s Hamoon lake. A source of fishing only 20 years ago and all the farm lands leading to it, now is one of the major sources of human made desertification on Earth, a source of spreading salt and a cause for future water fights. US must pay & provide a water solution for a dried up desert region that it created.
  • Former administration, under guidance of John Bolton decided to call Iran revolutionary guards, a registered and recognized army division “terrorists” and took out an Iranian terrorist organization, MEK, with American blood on their hands out of terrorists list.
  • Killing Iranian general Ghasem Soleimani that you also approved after it happened, was wrong. He was popular in the region & killed in a peace mission. He had saved many American lives after US invasion of Iraq on many instances that he brokered peace, but what was said in fake media about “American blood” on his hands, belongs to the time of Iran Iraq war when US forces were fighting Iran, alongside Saddam Hossein in 1980-1988 war, or more recently alongside the “dis-satisfied Iraq Sunni tribes” who later changed their name to Isis. All US allies from Turkey to Saudis, Jordan to Kuwait cooperated to create Isis with the ultimate destination of Iran. Soleimani was the on the ground simple general, mostly with empty hands, hero to the people who conquered Isis camps in Iraq & Syria. This position could be adjusted & modified by the truth that he was a soldier for his country, not any immediate danger and as it was only a talk, & based on false information, much less than plagiarism that you courageously admitted to.
    Go for it joe, because of the truth.
  • Israel, Iran is the only regional power that could effectively impact & influence the next peace accord in the Middle East, not any of US allies. Jarred Kushner plan caused more anger against the Us. Iran allies, Hamas in Gazza, (& Palestinian Authority in West Bank to some extend), Hezbollah in Lebanon, Houthis in Yemen, Bashar Asad in Syria, even major opposition in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia are only controllable by Iran. Going back to JAOPA will not solve Middle East problems. Uner an Israeli plan, US has killed a popular general whose pictures &  statues are erected by his vast supporters all over the region. If you like to see some that you’d never see in American mainstream media, visit this page here. Iranian leaders CAN NOT & will not distinguish you from previous president, after the popular support of his funeral. What US has done to them with economic sanctions has not been helpful either. I think accepting & apologizing for this wrongful death (if not murder & terror), is the key to your claim of interest on theology issues & is calming to the people of the region. “Truth sets you free”.  Beyond the usual lobbyists HOOPLA on all sides, Iran’s official document in the United States calls for one state, one solution for Israel, equal votes for all indigenous & immigrants, including all the refugees who are still in the Palestinian camps and are identified as Palestinians, where ever they are scattered. It is a fair solution & Israel could prosper without US aid. Israel will finally recognize that “Iron Fist” has not worked, must compromise, abolish the Apartheid state, imposed by hardliner Zionists & create a new solution that encompasses the Palestinian educated (poor but talented & educated) next door. Israel without US aid will soon recognize their Palestinian jobless next door are an asset in a free competition to Israel’s success & prosperity, not a liability. Cut that out please as Americans need it more at home. If God created Israel, he knows best how to save it too, not just in in any theology to take tax from American tax payer to create more enemy for the United States.

President Trump was elected on promise of ending the endless Middle East US wars. He didn’t.
Even we want to build a dam, as I said above, we create regional disaster!

He had no talk of theology in his pre-election talks. If you like theology, you may like parallels in these pages. here, here, and here.

These wars started here in above 1.59 min. video. As simple as a courageous general like Wesley Clark says it.

Numerous lives, 19 years into it at $7 trillion cost, USA is negotiating with Taliban in Afghanistan & leaving Iraq under Iraq’s government & parliament pressure, and under constant rocket attacks.
Europe is tasting the violence that it prepared with Saudi Wahabi Ideology & petrodollars.
We created ISIS with our allies. Suadi budget, Jordan camps, Kuwait’s Toyota pick up trucks, Turkey’s open borders for European fighters whom are creating violence after their return to Europe.
you can reverse the history gone wrong.
USA dominance can be preserved only in humanitarian issues, with ingenuity & technology.
American soldiers blood is far more precious than Israel or Saudi Arabia plans for the region.
Cut off aid to Israel. They must learn how to survive after 72 years of existence. Their survival is in peace with their neighbors, not in bombing campaigns & occupation with our tax dollars.

  • Instead think of Americans. While our GDP has doubled, our cost of living has tripled in the same period.
  • Middle class in America has shrunk, more so in minorities.
  • Education is not any better & healthcare accessability is worse than any other developed nation.
  • We also have deep racial divides in wealth. The whites have $184,500 on the average, blacks less than $24,700. It means about 1/8 of wealth, Hispanics about the same too.

    You have the courage to do it. You are the elected leader for change & equalize the oppurtunity to grow, as a US president should be. I will support you in that. I’d like the history of my time to witness that oldest president sworn for this office, used his wisdom of age & had the courage to create changes that many younger presidents before him did not have.

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