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In alphabetical order;



Office of The Nelson Mandela:

(need your help)

European Union Government

Directory of European Parlement members

or individual members, activists

(need your help)


office of Queen

Office of Prime Minister

(need your help)


Office of the king

Office of the prime minister

Iranian born parlimentarian

(need your help)



Office of the supreme leader:  or
Office of the president

Head of Judiciary Office:

Mr Mohammad Sadegh Larijani: &؛
فکس: ۶۵۶۷ ۳۳۱۱ ۲۱ ۹۸+/۶۶۷۱ ۸۷۹ ۲۱ ۹۸+

Foreign Minster, Mr Ali Akbar Salehi

· وزیر امور خارجه، آقای علی اکبر صالحی:
فکس: ۶۶۷۴۳۱۴۹-۲۱-۹۸+

Director of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Human Rights:

دبیر ستاد حقوق بشر، آقای محمد جواد لاریجانی،
Directory of Iranian parlement members

or individual members

(need your help)



Office of former president Mahatir Mohamad

(need your help)



Office of the President

Office of the first lady


Saudi Arabia

Office of the king

(need your help)


United nation

UN Secretary General

Secuity concil secretary general

UN World Court

IAEA secratary general

(need your help)- waiting email


United States

Office of the president

The White house


US State Dept. email address:


Office of (Former) President Clinton

(need your help)


Office of (former)Vice president Al Gore

 (need your help)


For looking up your congress, this is the best web site:

NIAC’s elected official directory:

The US Senate Directory:

The House directory:

United States ….State Dept. Contact form: