An Electrical engineer with 5 years of engineering experience, some business experiences and now a Business Broker, believing in peaceful responsible life, determined to create & nurture a better world than what received.

A Libra, with sign of a scale, love justice and see the world in balance in dichotomy of opposites.

Born in Iran. Came to the US when a larger layer of the middle class was the back bone of economy & social program were more accessible to more groups of people. Homelessness was not even 1/10th of now.

Although, paying high international student tuitions, but at the time middle class was the largest in the social structure & even minimum wage was enough to make the ends meet. Tradesmen and farmers, even artists had grants & financial incentives to attend college. Car insurance and health insurance was about $25 each, and dental insurance less than $10 / month. Every family could have the home, car and a dog and a student like me with little family help was able to support himself working at minimum wage and his student lifestyle.

Make a long story short, I switched some jobs and when I was graduating from Northern Arizona University, I had very comfortable income being the head waiter for the only Country Club in town.

Things have changed a lot, but not better for lower or middle class.

The never ending wars in the Middle East, even parts of Africa, Covid-19 pandemic, unnecessary friction with Venezuela, China, to North Korea & old foes like Cuba, has made America vulnerable to a downturn from being a super power & that bothers me.

Besides the human costs, we are spending billions of dollars to police the world.  $7 trillion in the Middle East in last 19 years

Why not take care of America first and allow others to solve their problems at local level?

Where the desire of controlling the world by expensive military means coming from, while we struggle solving poverty, inequality & lack of opportunity for many in our own backyard?

Wish this conversation is a clean canvas, to be completed by the people who value social responsibility & like social justice.

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