To:         President Barak Obama                                               12-31-2011

CC:        President Bill Clinton

             Vice President Al Gore

             Secretary of state Hillary Clinton


Dear President Obama;


I voted for you & when you were elected I was proud again to be an American naturalized citizen after a long time because America had voted for a change and the grass root support you had was not from war profiteers lobby.


The America that I came in 1979 had changed from a caring, gentle, kind, pluralistic, generous and fair America to it’s opposite in many ways (1) to something totally new and your election was a turning point, I thought.


I loved your peaceful rhetoric. Your campaign promise that you would talk to Iran, was bringing stability to the market and peace to many minds….but soon your policy of carrots and sticks was nothing new for anybody. You can do that with a donkey, but it doesn’t sit well with any human specially the Moslem world…. and specially again with Shiaa Moslems….or Iranians, who have a long history of being superpower or regional power.


Any human gets dehumanized with this use of word, which secretary Clinton likes to use….Some like Moammar Ghadafi (GBHS- footnote 2) who wanted to keep the power at any price would accept it which he did.

Please give up this policy and shift immediately after you see it is not working and do what you said. I have not seen any efforts or much efforts on your side to give diplomacy a chance.


Moslems in general grab a few misunderstood Ayah in Quran to fight you when you offend them, it’s human nature, but keep in mind the Shiaa Moslems are the militant part of Islam, they love to be your victims, make their day, they love to morn, they love their martyrs and martyrdoms, they have grown and prospered in it, they just cherish it and love it,…you can’t scare them. You’re giving them what they want.


US envoy to the IAEA has been unclear and non-cooperative about the lap top issue to say the least. If there is such a lap top with its content, and your government has its possession, it must be presented to Iran as well as third parties for inspections and forensic verification of US claim.


If it is CIA production or came from Iranian opposition traitors and you are sure it is not authentic, how far are you going to take it?  Long after we are gone, it will be published and then think about it : “Is this the legacy that you want to leave behind”?


I read the IAEA report, it has nothing that pertains to the years after 2003. All their harsh introductions, conclusions and the illegal way that it was presented had nothing new in terms of violations or evidence. Did it? please inform me if I am wrong.


During Secretary Madeline Albright for the first time US came close to an apology but at least an acknowledgement of 1953 American inspired military codetta against the popular Iranian prime Minster Dr Muhammad Mosadegh. Documents of that took years to come up, but it finally came up. Please be in acknowledgement and be truthful and make that apology.


Following Israel’s ambitions, policies of favoritism to cover up its atrocities, double standards in US policies has brought this understandable hatred in Islamic world which feeds all the radicalism and resentment towards USA. All could and should change with being fair and firm. Being firm over the truth with friends and allies is the true interest in their well being and existence.

Following up with your promises everywhere in the Middle East in this regard including the Cairo speech might be a turnaround point to implement the change as promised.


The latest IAEA report is what the US wanted to hear from its new chief, Omano and he prepared it, titled it and present it the way he was expected to after support for his election. It also has questions about missile activities of pre 2003 which Iran had been officially cleared by US reports. Iran has resisted presenting further cooperation regarding the same old issues because missiles production facilities would be the first targets in any presumed attack. What part of this resistance to cooperate is hard to understand?


I know there many sensitive issues that only with dialogue could be resolved. You might have evidence against some of the revolutionary guards;, they also have evidence on participation of some American forces in supporting Jondollah , Sunni terrorists, Rig supporters through their stations in Pakistan and Afghanistan in Iran’s Eastern boarders. They have some evidence in murder of Iranian Scientist by US and Israeli agents in Tehran. Supporting Kurdish terrorists in Iran’s Western boarders is also clear to me. Why not acknowledge the truth?


Leader’s responsibility is to resolve all these issues peacefully. No need to further hurt ordinary people and citizens.


“If you want peace, work for justice”, isn’t it true? Are you working for justice? Please take a stand for it in this holiday season.


Now looking into the future;


Sentiment in Pakistan is to radicilize or even refuse the American aid.


Hosni Mubarak’s personal & family wealth almost equaled the total American aid received after the peace accord with Israel & the way Egyptian politics are going suggest possible refusal or total cut off.


These are all the policy savings to the America’s budget. Why not cut the Israeli aid packages for the benefit of American people? Let this nation to stand on their feet and instead spend one percent of that budget for the damages and pains and sufferings that they have caused in Gazza and Lebanon in their latest wars.


Palestinians have only seen the American tanks, airplanes, missiles and the money for petroleum to run them. Let them see some American construction equipment, humanitarian aids and training with American consumer products to mend some of those damages.


I wish you would have listened to some Jewish intellectuals, academicians and activists who love Israel and think having any moral authority is to be fair.  To be authentic in their love requires them to be strict on principles, not to have more guns or use them more often. To be practicing a tough love with this renegade militant state is the key. Your two state solution which is fair is put in back burner by the news that they make, but it will be hot again soon. I like to ask you to consider this if you really love Israel.


Why only listen to war mongers who want to push war with Iran with American support?

No body in the Middle East has any distinction of an Israeli attack versus American attack, as they are arms for each others policies and truthfully they never are separate either. Any Israeli attack is understood as American attack because they know it might strain relationship only a few months at most and could be resolved in one or two face to face meeting.


I love to see a real shift and change in your policies before the next election.

I voted for Al Gore but immediately after his loss, I thought he deserved the loss as during his campaign, he was too weak to insist on his issues that he had held dearly for many years.


You are not one of those neo-cons who initiated this militarism.  Why are you following their policies? America had too much debt and broke after President Ronald Reagan (GBHS)and First President Bush and the talk was about generations to pay its principle and interest.  It was largely due to huge military spending.

President Clinton’s policy of closing down many military bases and using that money in the civilian programs compensated the debt that we could not imagine paying its interest. Plus surplus that Vice President Al Gore suggested putting it in a “lock box” and everybody laughed. Do you remember that?

Miracles happened because of the shift in the policy & direction of spending the money.   You are a democrat and this method has proven to work in the past for you.


Senate voted to tighten the new round of Economic sanctions on Iran. Has the previous sanction worked?  Sanctions hurt the people, not the governments. Iraq sanctions caused unnecessary suffering on Iraqi people, especially five million Iraqi children who suffered malnutrition and disease and it did not affect Saddam Hussein (GBHS), his cabinet, or any of his government officials. It only gave them an excuse to blame those sanctions for their mismanagement.


The Republican debates is a disaster, a competition toward more unconditional support of Israel, more military spending, encouragement to continue past policies of increasing the conflicts, tensions with Iran,…,… but if you implement your promised changes, you would be distinctly different and they would have to shift more towards a balanced policy….but if you continue to shift from your principles to the right as you have in the past, they lead society and your leadership more toward right and this right wing ideology and imbalances has created this miseries for America and the injustice for rest of the world.


I re member when American news was last balanced:

Sam Donaldson of ABC News made an excellent documentary on Earth day from Israel and the right winged neo-cons shut him down as the last balanced act of a journalist who reported  the truth from inside Israel….and after that Fox news and Rush Limbaugh showed up in American politics. You are the one with the authority and position to change that direction. I will help you and support you if you go with the truth, with facts, and with God in mind.


Best Regards,

Baha Abhari





1- The community college that I attended, paid money to farmers to come to school and learn how to be better farmers. They had night choices in agriculture, mechanical & farm equipment, economics, sociology, psychology, carpentering…,…


*A minimum wage employee could pay for most of his college expenses with 32 hours of work and save too without needing to steal, without much support from elsewhere.


*We were welcomed by the community even at the time of hostage crises. Society was more tolerant to all immigrants, even Latino immigrants were feeling safer.


*The conclusion of Vietnam war fresh. It was so much effort and 67,000 lives lost in this side plus a million casualty on the other side, and after billions of dollars and many years, we had  to leave anyway, because we have no better option at less costs and because we had learned war was not the answer!.


* Health Insurance was about $25 a month and if you didn’t’t have insurance, health care cost was still affordable


2- God Bless His Sole. We are supposed to say it for everybody who is passed away, and his case is closed with us and can’t correct or defend himself anymore. His overall judgment is assigned to a higher authority which knows the details of his life more than our possible human knowledge.Tyrent or blessed, we wish them well, in the judgement.l






1- The community college that I attended, paid money to farmers to come to school and learn how to be better farmers. They had night choices in agriculture, mechanical & farm equipment, economics, sociology, psychology, carpentering.


*A gas station worker could pay for all of his expenses with 32 hours of work and save too.


*We were welcomed by the community even at the time of hostage crises. Society was more tolerant to all immigrants, even Latino immigrants.


*The conclusion of Vietnam war fresh. It was so much effort and 67,000 loss in this side plus a million casualty in the other side, and after billions of dollars, we had  to leave anyway, because we have no other option and because war is not the answer!.


* Health Insurance was $25 a month and if you didn’t have insurance, it was affordable


2- God Bless His Sole. We are supposed to say it for everybody who is passed away, his book is closed, can’t correct or defend himself anymore & his overall judgment is assigned to a higher authority.

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