September 20, 1187 Salahedin, 824 years ago, the king of Syria and Egypt after winning a few days of fighting in the last battle called Hathin, near the Tabarieh lake victoriously entered the city of Jerusalem. He ordered his solders not to kill, not harm anybody, treating everybody equal, and respecting all in spite of those days norms. The city had fallen with massacres and many atrocities, not sparing women & children 88 years before, in 1099, to crusaders.

Jews called Jesus killers, by Christian fundamentalists were under pressures and in small numbers, did not support their rulers.

He ordered the rich to pay their own ransom and freed them immediately. The fighting priests were forced to use their personal savings and were allowed to work hard to pay the ransom of the city’s 7000 poor population. He allowed freedom of religion and the right of travelling to holy sites to all religions. Crusaders in Europe tried hard in propaganda but never had a chance to recapture the city.


Today’s political forces should do better than that. Capturing fighting solder as slave and freeing him for a ransom instead of killing is allowed in Quran. Many orders, many excuses to free the slaves in it. However capturing or terrorizing the whole city is not allowed, shouldn’t have been done. All these blind rocket attacks, bus explosions,… are un-Islamic. The sons and grandsons of immigrant Jews did not commit any crime to live there. Their lives are spared and killing one is killing all. This is the same collective punishment that Israel must be condemned for Gazza & Beirut in recent history. Sabra & Shatila massacres in the 80’s,….,….,…. But, true Moslems must avoid revenge and do not spread the hate based on sectarian and divisions in ideologies.

Evangalist Christians are the same crusaders of yesterday in hate and revenge, but are friends with the now powerful and rich Jews who control the holy land. They are helping in propaganda war, collecting votes for them because their freedom of travel has many advantages including hiding the money in a rich economy, tax evasion in their motherland, gathering followers,…,…

In today’s war of atrocities victims are the poor, having no chance. Nothing is religious, ethical or sacred in the way Moslems, Christians or Jews are behaving.


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