If men and women

  • feel complete together,

  • the best place to raise a child is a family with both male and female role models:

Family is the smallest unit of society.

Like in molecule that it’s pieces; atoms, electrons, without being equal play a different role, to make a molecule, so does pieces of a family.

Equality within the family, with genders of different abilities, physical body, emotions and vulnerabilities, is impossible to achieve.

Attraction is based on their differences. They are made to complete & compliment, not compete. Even discussion of equality within family brings sense of competition between genders that are not created equal.

Is any of our organs equal to any other organ within us? Do they need to be equal to work together? Could they work together and make a working body if they were 100% equal?

Many good books & papers are written on how different men & women are, most famous being “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”- by John Gray, in free domainDownload here

Equality of genders in all areas of life is a fallacy.

In Equal pay for equal work, in rewards of doing good deeds & punishments of doing bad is understandable, & fair, but equality of genders within a family (smallest unit of a society) is an over reaction to the rightful revolt of women for equal pay and voting rights in 1950’s and 60’s.

Equality of families or equality of the same gender is understandable, considered as achievements of human developments.

Family is sacred and its boundaries are too respectable to be violated by anybody even to enforce the law. The role of the judge should always be before entrance of the law enforcement into the family boundaries.

Wherever the law enforcement has violated the family spaces, it has made the matters worse. Most of their involvement ends in separation of couples defeating the purpose of any intervention. Click Here if like to know further why this author calls it “worse” option.

After the 1960’s equality movement and sexual reveloution that guranteed some needed change, now the human development technology like “Feminine Power Breakthrough” Download here focuses on the difference of energies and how powerful and impactful each could be, but in their union, not in a competetion or in disagreements or conflicts.
  • If some men & women are homosexual,

  • If men are fertile life time, but women are limited,

  • If average age of men is five years less than women,

  • If more men are killed in wars and more adventurous events,

  • If some men are too dangerous to be around family & children,

  • If feminin instinct is to reproduce the best genes causes an unfair competition for older women,

What other option remains for a society to allow some adults to choose polygamy.

Kody Brown’s family is considered felon if they openly practice their choice & they are determined not to accept it. They believe it is not justice to mix polygamy with child abuse. Their real life story is broadcasted from TLC channel.

Maybe future generations would laugh at us, while we had accepted all sexual preferences as a private matter, or homosexuality as a fact of life, we didn’t have a distinction between child abuse & polygamy.

Kody Brown’s family does not want to live in Utah, where polygamy has been declared illegal in an over reaction. They are still fighting it in the court to practice openly what they believe.

Once I asked a respectable beautiful Mormon (LDS) lady, why she thought Polygamy was part of Christianity. She answered because of the way Abraham lived according to what is still in the Bible.

Living a short time in this life, most important is equal opportunity in doing the GOOD DEEDS.

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